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Drive//Shaft is an open-world, physics-based, multiplayer car racing game. Your mission is to be the first player to reach the mysterious glowing orb. First to ten wins. This is a great game if you have time to kill and want something silly and fun to play.


Spotted Zebra Software is a one-person game company in Seattle Washington, USA. It’s most recent larger title was Tumblestone. The company was founded by, me, Alex Schearer. I worked at Microsoft for a while then left to make games. When not game making I help organize for Seattle Indies.


After spending several years developing Tumblestone I was looking for something fun, new, and short to work on before starting my next larger project. As luck would have it, an article floated through my office which spun a tale of simple games launching on Steam. Inspired, a number of us set out to make a game-a-week and publish them to Steam. One week to design, develop, and publish a game! Drive//Shaft is my first entry in this endeavor.


Unity, the Unity Asset Store, Photon, crunching like crazy, 10-years of game development experience, many pots of coffee and tea, the amazing support of my wife, and the excellent help of my officemates.

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